Fact sheet

Some things you probably want to know before you come.



You will get wet and muddy as you negotiate our challenging obstacles throughout the 3km course, so we would ask you to consider not bringing brand new, white trainers, unless you really want to!!


Lightweight clothing is definitely recommended. Limited changing facilities are available if you want to bring and change of clothes.


A jet-wash clean will be available for cleaning up after you've completed the course.

Our event is a 3k of undulating terrain that will be ta good test of both stamina and strength. We expect it to be so enjoyable and challenging that most will complete it!

First aid

All staff are first-aid trained and will be in communication with event control

Food and drink

Bring your own refreshments/picnic and relax on the grass after your exploits. We hope to have the Broomley BBQ at weekends.

Fitness level

As long as you are reasonably able, you will be able to complete the course. You don’t have to be an experienced distance runner or gym fanatic, but we recommend that you be in good physical condition. You will need strong mental endurance to complete the obstacle course and a sense of fun!

Minimum age

The minimum age of entry is 6yrs. The maximum is 80 yrs!


With this exceptional location, we can offer a unique range of obstacles that will test your limits! Whether they are man made or natural, each obstacle will be a challenge!

Each section of obstacles will be manned by experienced marshals who will be in continual communication with event control.


There is ample free parking at the course and disabled parking spaces. If you required further details please contact the organisers.


Bring a camera and enter your own photographs in our competition for the best image of the day ~ and win a prize!


Unfortunately, as with any sporting event, our terms and conditions state that we do not offer a refund.


Safety briefing

None of the obstacles are compulsory. We encourage you to try every obstacle but if there is something that you feel unable to do, then you can simply walk around. The choice is yours. There will be a mandatory safety briefing and warm up for each wave. You must be at the start line 10 minutes before your wave is due to start. You will be reminded about this during registration.

Washing facilities

Only be a jet-wash will be available for cleaning up after the course is completed.

Start times

You will be offered a choice of start times as part of the registration process.

Waves start at 10am, then every 20 minutes until the last wave at 2pm

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